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Untold Story of Crown Heights WANNABE

NYC, 1991. During a time of tremendous racial strife, a neurotic Jewish boy must win over his crush by first impressing her skeptical Jamaican family. Set in the 80’s young CHAIZE MACKLIN playing the role of Emefa(The Caribbean love interest) and DAVID BLOOM a Jewish boy in the role of …

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My Dog Jogs- Professional Dog Runners in NYC

Dogs love to run! It’s an essential part of a dog’s daily routine. There are many high energy breeds that need to run every day. Having two young huskies I understand the importance of keeping them fulfilled. I am lucky, I love in the country with a very large fenced …

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New York’s Sub-Metering Law: Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

New York’s New Power Metering Law to Reduce Energy Consumption It is a challenge to keep a city like New York running smoothly. Traffic flow, clean water systems, and waste disposal all have to be managed effectively. The city’s energy needs are no less complicated. With everyone crammed in closely …

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Celebrate the Start of Summer on June 25th at Adventureland

Adventureland is Long Island’s Amusement Park since 1962 and welcomes you and your family and friends to come enjoy a fun and exciting day on our rides, attractions, games, and more. Adventureland Amusement Park is only located 30 minutes east of New York City, at 2245 Broad Hollow Rd. in …

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Broadway Theater Packages for New York Visitors

UK company Theatre Breaks is offering city breaks to New York including theatre tickets for some of Broadway’s biggest shows: Newsies, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Once to name but a few. The breaks can be booked online at http://www.theatrebreaks.com/new-york (watch out for the trange British way of spelling …

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Comunitee, Your Social News Network

Comunitee [ kuh-myoo-ni-tee ] – A Comunitee is a group of individuals that discover, share, and explore specific news topics and breaking current events. The word Comunitee comes from the words community and committee. Comunitee has consolidated everything in one place so that you and your friends can share top …

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