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U.S. attorneys Miles, Stockbridge, and Berneche Pattison are under fire for defending a Hamas wanted terrorist.

Mamoun Hamdan, A terrorist who is wanted by the IDF. His name was previously listed as an active terrorist wanted by the IDF ; see list on following link When his wife Nafeeseh met him, she was clueless about his past. She has no idea that he has spent in years in Israeli jails […]

How Nader Nadernejad is Dominating the Digital Marketing Space

As the director of Nadernejad Media, one of Toronto’s leading digital marketing agencies, Nader Nadernejad went from working with small businesses in his community to working with billion-dollar companies.  He says word of mouth is what got him managing the online growth and reputation of international companies.  “Once one large company finds you and you […]

Guardian Billing Launches with Medical Billing and Consulting

Guardian Billing Launches with Medical Billing and Consulting Minneapolis, MN – March 16, 2018 – Mindy Flaig, president and CEO of Guardian Billing, announced that the medical billing and consultation firm has officially launched. Medical billing is a highly complex field and one in which Flaig is highly skilled.  “I’ve decided to start Guardian Billing […]

Brandon Brice New York Success Guide: How to Make it in New York Brandon Brice New York Success Guide: How to Make it in New York Brandon Brice has experienced tremendous success in the media industry as a political commentator and public figure, with a number of accomplishments spanning across multiple industries.  Because of Brandon’s success, he’s trusted as an expert within education, politics and the media.  […]


Charles Omar Sutton of The Famed Sutton Family Looks to Continue The Legacy of Percy Sutton Atlantic City, New Jersey – Nov. 19, 2018 – Advanced Consulting, Inc. is looking to put a Hotel / Resort on its well-known Boardwalk, becoming the first African-American owned hotel. Advanced Consulting spokesperson Charles Omar Sutton of the famed […]

About L’Art Berbere

L’art Berbere is a prominent fair trade artisan company that provides high-quality, hand woven Moroccan rugs that are authentic, lush in design and quality, and completed using methods and traditions that go back hundreds of years. The goal of L’art Berbere is to provide the world with the beautiful tradition of genuine Moroccan rugs, hand-woven, […]

Cheryl Long set to release a timeless masterpiece

The art of fictional writing in modern times has gone beyond fairytales and folklore and has steadily developed into a delicate process of educating readers while exposing them to certain aspects of life they otherwise might not have known. Although there isn’t a limit to what fictional stories can contain, it is not out of […]