Matthew Martino on NY ‘Business as usual’


All-Star Matthew C. Martino isn’t still bitter that his self-awarded vacation became a full steam working trip as he jumped to action to promote and conduct business for international charity MMBF Trust in New York,the 22 year old told us ‘It was was business as usual’ as he spoke to us before departing back for London.

The Go For It author seems to have taken a page out of his own book as he put his business cap on during his five day visit to New York, he told NewsNY exclusively ‘I love NYC, I’ve actually managed to get to see Times Square in more detail and caught up with some old friends but other than that it’s been business as usual, what was a bit annoying was my phone constantly ringing and the back to back meetings’

The UK based film producer now turned philanthropist is expected to become a regular in the US as his charity MMBF Trust looks to have more mainland program’s across major cities in the US including New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Texas. These plans were announced by a spokesperson for the charity which is soon approaching it’s 1year anniversary.

Upon his return to the UK Martino will return straight to work, he will spearhead the launch of his App acquisition firm MMD-Tech which was reportedly pushed back from launch in 2014 after a major app designer pulled out of a deal to supply apps to MMD, however according to iTunes AppStore (Matthew Martino Designs) currently has 6 apps on it’s portfolio.

Asked when next he will return to the big apple Martino added ‘that would be telling, I honestly don’t know. I’m trying to shift some of my work across the water but we will see how that goes as I’m yet to get going with my role at MMBF’