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Toxins in your Sexual Health Products

By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. Founder of HolisticWisdom.com & NAASAS.org With over 80% of women using sexual products and more men starting to use them it seems there is a trend for sexual creativity like never before. However, did you know that many of the sexual products on the market contain toxins in them? Did […]

Sexual Health Site Offers Nontoxic Seuxal Products & Information

The most progressive and couples friendly sexual health site ever. Enjoy free helpful articles, sex tips, erotic stories and make sure to check out their amazing sex toys as they specialize in only nontoxic, ecofriendly and phthalate free products along with paraben free personal lubricants. http://www.holisticwisdom.com/ Best sexual health site ever: free sex tips, stories, […]