10 Red Flags for Men to Watch Out for with Narcissists on Dating Apps

Negging: This is a strategy to put you down and make you more vulnerable to their advances. Look out for offhand comments that seem like disguised insults. Overabundance of Pictures: If they have multiple photos with different women or multiple selfies (if they’re a man), they may be trying to showcase desirability or provoke jealousy. […]

TubToday Unveils a Revolution in Luxury Bathing with Ella Walk-In Tubs in Chicago

Chicago, IL – TubToday, a reputable Chicago-area dealer and installer, is set to redefine the bathing landscape with the introduction of Ella Walk-In Tubs. These innovative self-cleaning tubs offer Chicagoans a unique blend of easy maintenance, unwavering reliability, and immaculate cleanliness, all under one luxurious umbrella. Transform Your Cleaning Routine with Effortless Maintenance With TubToday’s […]

Van Hechter’s new song ”Electrical Blue”, out to make New Yorkers dance and laugh all summer long!

With a deliberate mistake in the title (ElectriCAL Blue), a neo-80’s beat, cuttingly hilarious lyrics, and a groove that will make you want to get up off of your seat, not to mention a typically self-deprecative video by Gio Spano- Van Hechter invites us to laugh at love gone wrong while dancing the summer of […]

Angel Care: Empowering Individuals with Quality Home Care Services

Angel Care is a renowned home care agency based in the vibrant city of New York. With a mission to provide compassionate and comprehensive care in the comfort of one’s home, Angel Care has become a trusted name in the industry. Their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families sets them […]

$33 Million CRT Class Action Settlement – No Proof Required

Claim Form Deadline: June 13, 2023 Payout: $10 (min) – 3x Damages (Max) Proof required: No Method of payment:  PayPal / Venmo / Mailed Check What’s the CRT Settlement About? A $33 Million Class Action Lawsuit has been settled regarding Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT’s). “CRTs” are (or used to be) extremely common in households and offices since they were […]