10 Red Flags for Men to Watch Out for with Narcissists on Dating Apps

  1. Negging: This is a strategy to put you down and make you more vulnerable to their advances. Look out for offhand comments that seem like disguised insults.
  2. Overabundance of Pictures: If they have multiple photos with different women or multiple selfies (if they’re a man), they may be trying to showcase desirability or provoke jealousy.
  3. Preemptive Challenges: These are attempts to make you work for their validation. They might challenge your accomplishments or ask you to “prove” your worth.
  4. Mention of Exes: Bringing up past relationships early in the conversation may suggest they’re not over them or trying to create a love triangle.
  5. Acting Like a Therapist: If they share excessive personal stories early on, they might be using you for emotional support without mutual investment.
  6. Defending Their Humor: Be cautious of those who emphasize their “unique” sense of humor or use sarcasm too frequently.
  7. Claims of Wanting “Drama Free” Relationships: Often those who stress a need for “no drama” are the ones who cause it themselves.
  8. Rapid Intensity or Sexual Advances: If they are too forward with their romantic or sexual intentions, it may mask their true, superficial motives.
  9. Suspicious Date Plans: Always prioritize safety. If they suggest an isolated spot for a date or are unwilling to meet in public first, think twice.
  10. Resisting Boundaries: Be wary of those who try to move the conversation off the app too quickly, and especially those who get angry when you set boundaries.

Stay cautious, and always prioritize your well-being and safety when navigating the online dating world.