10 secrets about mature women most men don’t know

Recently on holiday, I overheard a woman telling another, “Nobody understands a woman”. I silently guffawed as she was saying this about another female, but later I thought about it a bit more. The term is a cliché but it is very well founded. If you want to try mature dating sites, Here are some things about mature women that you should know:

  1. Mature women appreciate a little effort from younger guys and will literally preen if you walk up to them and compliment them on how good they look. It makes them feel secure and wanted. Mature women dating younger men look to them to invest some time and effort in the relationship, as long as it’s genuine. What’s important is keeping her affection alive in, not simply winning it.
  2. Mature dating involves a bit of manners and etiquette and you will be well appreciated for it. Its “cool” to be a gentleman, guys, so if you’re looking to get in the good books of a lady, it’s going to stand you in good stead.
  3. Mature women like to talk and they love it when someone actually listens to them. It helps them loosen and warm up to you and that’s good for both parties.
  4. Women are probably ten times more intuitive than men and mature women have an unreal ability to read the situation based on body language and other signs. So it’s advisable to just be yourself. They can tell if you’re lying, so tread carefully.
  5. Here’s a big point of debate, men argue that their partners dress up for them, but the truth is that a woman is normally quite critical of how she looks, as well as of other women who she views as competition. So her survival instincts kick in when she’s dressing up. Grab a beer while she takes that extra 15 minutes by the mirror.
  6. It won’t hurt if you have a bit of the “bad boy” streak in you and are on the wild side. Both mature women and younger ones secretly desire somebody who’s not afraid of stretching the law a bit.
  7. Mature women appreciate it if you don’t succumb to their every command; they want a man with some backbone, someone who’s not averse to spending a night out with his buddies or doing something without her consent, as long as it’s not cheating on her.
  8. Women can fake a lot of things from orgasms to happiness, so make sure that you give her enough time and get to know the “real” her.
  9. They have a life outside the relationship and so do you. You shouldn’t get uppity if she’s been invited to dinner by her boss, it very well could be a discussion regarding her promotion. So don’t assume anything.
  10. A mature woman in every sense of the term would know that you care for her by the little things you do for her, PDA’s are passé.She’ll know you love and cherish her through your acts and she will reciprocate in equal measure.