Learn in which cases a simple concealer can save your life.


Unfortunately, many guys ignore concealer thinking that this product was created for women. NY barbers disagree with this misconception and list a number of cases when concealer can help you:

1. Razor nicks

Sometimes shaving doesn’t end so well, and you get nasty razor nicks on the next day. If you want to avoid this unpleasant consequence in the future, extend your pre-shaving routine and shave with the grain. As for now, a concealer, which matches your skin tone perfectly, can help you. Avoid applying too much product because the result will look unnatural and unattractive.

2. Imperfections

Small imperfections on our face can be pretty annoying. It always seems like this unexpected redness will draw undesired attention and make you feel embarrassed. If you’ve decided to mask imperfections with a concealer, make sure you’ve chosen the right color and blended it well with your skin tone.

3. Dark circles

Whether you worked or partied all night long, dark circles under your eyes are a clear sign that you didn’t get enough sleep. Since you can’t reverse time, you should look for the other options. According to NY barbers, a thin layer of concealer can make a big difference and make you look fresh again!

4. Pimples

Even though you’re not thirteen anymore, pimples can rush into your life from time to time and distort your everyday routine. Time is the best weapon against pimples, but what should you do if you have no time? Nobody wants to go on a date having this embarrassing trouble on the face. Solution – mask an annoying pimple with the help of a concealer.


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