5 Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Dinner 

Food is an important ingredient for life. More importantly food when cooked with love and interest is not only tastier but also helps in binding the family together. A family that eats together will also live together. Preparation  of food  takes  long  time  in  the  kitchen  and  the  general   food  preparation  is  a lengthy  process.  We at Wholefood Simply have tried to simplify the cooking process, keeping it delicious and tasty. We have also worked in the direction to retain the nutritive values of the food.Along with being tasty it should not be overcookedand tempting enough to look at!

Here are 5 very Simple and Quick to Make Recipes

1. Lentil soup is a very satisfying and filling. A bowl of this soup is wholesome and hearty with balanced spices. Turmeric is  used  in  this  soup  and as we all know that turmeric  is majorly favoured  by  the  health conscious community, therefore majority  of  people  are   using this  spice for its healing properties.  Lentil soup is not heavily spiced and can beconsumed by children as well.

2. Brussels Sprouts are leafy green legumes and have always been recommended by the doctors as theycontain iron.  Brussels  sprouts  contain  folic  acid  and  is an excellent  source  of  vitamin  C and  K. This dish along with lemon and dill create an awesome health snack. Preparation time is lessthan 10 minutes.

3. Perfect Riceflour Pancakes – A budget friendly Rice flour based recipe. Pancakes made out of rice flour and honey resembles wheat pancakes they are much cheaper than nuts and very easy to digest.

4. Throw together Noodles: Noodles made out of zucchini is a mixture of asmany vegetablesas you want, avocado and dryroasted nuts. This creation is extremely attractive to look at.  Besides this, it is so colourful and tempting that no one can resist from eating it.Preparation is easy and is ready in a very short time.  It is simply a matter of throwing everything together at meal times.

5. Dessert has to be the most eagerly awaited dish and perhaps is a favourite of everyone. For this we have PEACHES AND CREAM. Do not restrict your choice to only peaches and use as many fruits as you can. This of course depends on the availability of fruits according to the season. A perfect blend of colourful fruits and cream tastes good   and is quite filling.

Wholefoodsimply.com has brought a vast range of quality food. We  have introduced very easy to  make , at  very low  cost and  above all less  time  consuming  recipes.

A boon for   working women this is really very helpfull.  Whole food simply  does not  focus  only on  taste  but as  we have seen  it lays emphasis  on  healthy  food  too.

We  have also  highlighted the use  of sea salt  and  Himalayan pink  salt  in some  of  the  recipes. Try our recipes and revert with the feedback. You can also order online for your book recipes.

We WholefoodSimply care for your health and value your time. Therefore log on to contact us for any assistance you require.