Most of the homeowners still prefer to burn wood in fireplaces to heat their homes. According to experts, homeowners must consider cleaning their chimneys once in a year to avoid home fires. As there are thousands of chimney sweep companies in New York, finding the best one can seem to be an overwhelming task for many. However, there are some tips that can be followed to find an expert chimney sweep in New York.

Some Useful Tips

Prompt services

A reputed chimney sweep will respect and value your time. A professional company will perform its cleaning services within the stipulated time frame.

Business Liability Insurance

Another test that proves that the chimney sweep company has been in business for long is when they provide business liability insurance. A company that provides insurance can protect your home against any type of damages.


Before you hire the services of a chimney sweep, check for online references and customer reviews. You need to check if the customers are satisfied with the services of the companies in New York. Never hire a company that does not provide references.

CSIA certified

It is also important to hire a chimney sweep expert who is CSIA certified. This certificate ensures that the company has the required skills and knowledge to clean your chimneys in a safe manner.


Another aspect that you must consider is the price charged by the company to clean your chimneys. Choose a chimney cleaning expert who charges moderately for the services they offer.

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