6 innovative ways to say “I love you” to your dating partner 

Are you planning to tell her “I love you”? Congratulations. Have you thought of a way to do it? Why don’t you make it special and use some creativity so that your girl would always remember your sweet gesture? Here are 6 innovative ways of saying those magic words to your sweetheart and have a rocking dating life.

Leave a trail of notes for her

You have been dating her for a while and know her habits. So, leave behind romantic notes at places she visits daily. It can be her jewelry box or a book she is reading now. You can order a cake for her and hide the message in the box. Get creative and think of things to write. A good quote or her favorite poem or song would make the proposal more memorable.

Send her a musical proposal

If your girl loves music, you can create a music video for her with her favorite love songs and include your proposal in it. You need a video editing software and some creativity to create a string of videos and make your own little love story with them.

Treat her with a love cake

This needs a little bit of preparation. Bake a cake in the shape of a heart and write her name on it. Present her the cake and play her favorite songs in the background. Don’t forget to create the mood with candles and some flowers. I bet she won’t be able to resist saying “yes”.

Say it with suspense

Create suspense by sending her sweet but anonymous notes. It could be poems or love songs or some anecdotes from your past. Let her keep on guessing for some days. After a week or fortnight appear at her doorstep with flowers, chocolates, and your proposal.

Create a love blog 

If you are good at penning your thoughts, you can create a blog for both of you. Share your thoughts on her and the memories that you cherish. Through the blog tell her the things about her that you love. Make regular entries and share it with her on her birthday or the day you want to propose her.

Say it with love cookies

Another simple but sweet way is to get a tin of cookies for her. Get the cookies from your local bakery and customize them with “I love you” message. Watch her break into laughter as she munches on them.

We hope with these ideas you would be able to impress your lady love and make her say “I love you too”.