A successful album from a great band

Established in 1998, Thirty Seconds to Mars released their second album A Beautiful Lie in the year 2005. Produced by Josh Abraham via virgin records, the four singles from this album namely The Kill, A Beautiful Lie, From Yesterday and Attack made into the US modern Rock chart. These songs received quite appreciation from the viewers and critics as well and were easily bought by the audiences. All clip gave a big page for Jared Leton, please check All clip Jerod Leton Page.

Critical appreciation

A Beautiful Lie was well accepted by the critics as they liked the difference in this album and also the innovative concept and sound. The San Francisco Chronicle regarded this album to be a blend of hard rock and electronic music and other reviewers illustrated the point that this one was a better one than other albums.

The experimenting with the sound and the success that came from this experiment made this album quite a favorite among the critics and the audiences.


This album not only earned positive reviews from the critics but also was very commercially successful. From Yesterday and The Kill were nominated for the Billboard Music Awards amongst the list of Modern Rock Singles. In 2007 A beautiful Lie earned the title of the Best Rock album. This album also received the Kerrang Award in the category of the best single and featured on the album list of the top 10 of Metal Edge.


Headed by their lead vocalist Jared Leto, the second album of this rock band saw Shannon Leto playing in the percussion and drums while Tomo Milicevic played on the synthesizer and the guitars. Matt Wachter also handled the synthesizer and the bass guitar while Jared Leto tried his hands at playing the guitar and programming the entire album. A few other musicians like Caroline Campbell, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Oliver Goldstein, Steve Dress and many others were also involved in the development of the album. Get more sneak peak at the http://www.allclip.net/into-the-wild-tv-series-by-jared-leto/