About L’Art Berbere

L’art Berbere is a prominent fair trade artisan company that provides high-quality, hand woven Moroccan rugs that are authentic, lush in design and quality, and completed using methods and traditions that go back hundreds of years. The goal of L’art Berbere is to provide the world with the beautiful tradition of genuine Moroccan rugs, hand-woven, dyed, and crafted in order to spread the beauty of Berber culture to others.

The Berbere Difference

L’art Berbere is not your ordinary rug or decorative art designer. Everything from the conception of the rug designs to their finishing touches is filled to the brim with quality, care, and cultural tradition. These rugs are hand-woven, hand-dyed, and made with techniques used centuries ago—not cold machines that pump out identical rugs in minutes. These textile rugs are designed to last a long time–to act as treasures that you will cherish and admire for the years to come. And the company itself is a fair trade artisan company, so you can rest easy knowing that everyone is being paid fairly. 

If you want to see the true difference between a rug from L’art Berbere and any of the mass produced rugs you can find elsewhere, simply compare the photographs. Even a simple photograph can show the massive difference in quality, care and design between a genuinely handwoven L’art Berbere rug and the poorly designed rugs you find sold elsewhere.

Antique Rugs and More

In addition to hand-woven rugs, L’art Berbere has an exclusive selection of vintage Berber and Moroccan rugs from a variety of different periods and design styles. If you are looking for genuine vintage rugs, then L’art Berbere is the only place you need to shop. L’art Berbere’s regular stock of vintage rugs is sourced directly from real artisans to ensure their authenticity. L’art Berbere offers other cultural items such as authentic Moroccan wedding blankets, home decor, and even decorative pillows, as part of their catalog.  Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, home décor, or something to remind you of your culture, you cannot go wrong with any of the beautiful items offered by L’art Berbere.

How to Visit

If you want to shop at L’art Berbere, all you need to do is visit Heart of Souk of Chefchaouen (or “Chaouen,” as you will notice the locals call it); this is a very popular tourist destination due to its close location to other popular sites. The area is an all-in-one visitor’s destination, with everything from restaurants, to hotels, as well as wonderful shopping experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes authentic artisan products, including wool clothing and woven textiles, and even locally made goat cheese.

So, if you are looking to add some genuine, beautiful Moroccan culture to your home, why wait? Whether it’s a rug to remind you of your trip or a blanket that will go perfectly in the living room, you cannot go wrong with any of the fine items on offer. Don’t hesitate: buy one of the many wonderful, enriching cultural items that L’art Berbere has to offer—your home (and your heart) will thank you for it later.

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