Always the Nice Girl…


The Nice Girls is a new series set to be released late 2016 that speaks out about the honesty of type casting.  Anyone who is an actor knows that the first thing you need to know, the most dreaded thing you need to know is your ‘type’.  Whether you’re the jock, the cheerleader, the heartbreaker, the serial killer, the young mom, the best friend, the mean girl or the nice girl.  No matter what you are, it is downright painful.  Being told that you have to stick to that character and play it on and off the screen, it’s not fun, and in many cases you will try to rebel against it.  Well in this series, you will witness three young actresses struggling against this and searching for triumph in a town of casting couches.

The series features Tasmanian actress Lilly Dennis who recently got asked what she was typed as when she first arrived in Hollywood, “I was always the best friend or the ugly friend actually.  No one seemed to think I was pretty enough to have enough screen time to be a leading lady and not quite diverse enough to be a starring best friend.  I am very happy to say I broke that type.  One thing you have to do though is prove yourself.”  And she certainly does that in this series, playing the character of Kylie, she is a kick-ass, smart mouther, incredibly smart and manipulative (in the best way positive) twenty-two-year-old.  The series is produced by Branching Out Productions and we very excited to see the end product when the series premieres.  Everyone should stay tuned to all things nice girls so you don’t miss the big release.