Ambassadors for peace establish an international conference of religious freedom

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During increasing number of victims of conflict for religion, there are some world organization prevent and reduce these hazards

One of them is ambassadors for peace, non governmental organization since 2003 based in California

Recently ambassadors for peace held a large agenda and make Indonesia as the host of an international conference of religion freedom ambassadors for peace which took place on 17-19 spet 2013 in Jakarta

Ameal haddad (founder am4peace) said: “we can’t tolerate inter-religious dialogue, but we have to accept and respect other religions and beliefs in order to get real peace. Because inter-religious dialogue is recently not working.

The conference which was attended by some of the participants from the region southeast Asia, middle east, USA concerning about religious freedom issues raised various efforts that can strengthen the strategies and collaboration in expanding the understanding of the importance of freedom of each individual to determine and perform rituals of faith without coercion of the


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