Appreciating Mothers – Maintaining the Long Tradition of 100 Years


Mother’s Day has become a long and rich tradition for families everywhere. The American version of Mother’s Day turns 100 years old in 2014. While the concept of Mother’s Day is even older, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared that every second Sunday in May would be nationally celebrated as Mother’s Day on the eighth of May in 1914. The Mother of Mother’s Day, social worker and activist Anna Jarvis, had been working since 1905 to try to get mothers the national recognition that they deserve. She would no doubt be proud to see the tradition continuing today. This year it is May 11, 2014.

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The tradition of Mother’s Day gives children of all ages an opportunity to express their love and gratitude to their moms. Different people will celebrate this day of appreciation in different ways. It’s popular to surprise one’s mom with breakfast in bed, which is especially appropriate since mothers usually spend so much time making sure that everyone else gets fed first. Plenty of families also go out for breakfast or brunch with their mothers.

Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day will vary depending upon the family and the interests of mom. Buying flowers has always been popular for Mother’s Day, although many favor more durable gifts, especially sentimental ones. Many children buy their mothers jewelry or perfume. Lots of mothers like decorative figurines and similar items, especially antiques. Gifts like picture frames that display family photos in style are also popular. However, ultimately, children should look for anything that they think would be a good fit for their own mother. Buying a variety of gifts for Mother’s Day is easier than ever before, thanks to online shopping. Children can buy their mothers gifts from all over the world, including gifts that are no longer manufactured and books that are out of print. The Mother’s Day tradition may have a lot of history behind it now, but it has become a thoroughly modern holiday, one hundred years after it started. Selected gifts and deals for mother’s day can be found in websites such as this (

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