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TikTok Reviews The Mr. Cool DIY Mini-Split & Shares If It’s Really Worth The Price

MRCOOL/YouTube BY RON BAKER When HVAC pro @diy.hvac.guy posted a video showing his newly installed DIY mini-split heat pump, TikTok was impressed with the results. However, the real revelations came over on his YouTube channel, where he detailed the installation of the 18,000 BTU MrCool heat pump. In the most thorough installation walkthrough we remember seeing, @diy.hvac.guy showed […]

Trane Technologies Announces Completely New Residential HVAC Product Portfolio

New, more sustainable portfolio will reduce homeowners’ energy costs and carbon footprints and advance company’s emissions reduction targets including Gigaton Challenge SWORDS, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, today announced its new residential product portfolio with innovative design upgrades to its highly efficient heat pumps and air conditioners, including next-generation refrigerant […]

6 Signs of Low IQ People


6 Signs of Low IQ People Intelligence Quotient (IQ) aims to quantify an individual’s intelligence potential through assessments of mental abilities like illogic, lack of reasoning, poor critical analysis, and problem-solving struggles. IQ testing has frequently recognized people with capacities indicating below-average intelligence. While IQ has limitations in encompassing multiple dimensions of ability, low scores […]

Henry Gavilanez: How Hyperlocal Strategy is Reinventing Online Marketing 

Henry Gavilanez is an event marketing specialist who shares timely marketing tactics online about how to launch successful events.  Over the years, Gavilanez has focused on major corporate events and mixers for large enterprises. That, after all, is where the dollars are. Connecting affluent people with industry knowledge and making deals happen is typically the […]

10 Red Flags for Men to Watch Out for with Narcissists on Dating Apps

Negging: This is a strategy to put you down and make you more vulnerable to their advances. Look out for offhand comments that seem like disguised insults. Overabundance of Pictures: If they have multiple photos with different women or multiple selfies (if they’re a man), they may be trying to showcase desirability or provoke jealousy. […]

TubToday Unveils a Revolution in Luxury Bathing with Ella Walk-In Tubs in Chicago

Chicago, IL – TubToday, a reputable Chicago-area dealer and installer, is set to redefine the bathing landscape with the introduction of Ella Walk-In Tubs. These innovative self-cleaning tubs offer Chicagoans a unique blend of easy maintenance, unwavering reliability, and immaculate cleanliness, all under one luxurious umbrella. Transform Your Cleaning Routine with Effortless Maintenance With TubToday’s […]

Van Hechter’s new song ”Electrical Blue”, out to make New Yorkers dance and laugh all summer long!

With a deliberate mistake in the title (ElectriCAL Blue), a neo-80’s beat, cuttingly hilarious lyrics, and a groove that will make you want to get up off of your seat, not to mention a typically self-deprecative video by Gio Spano- Van Hechter invites us to laugh at love gone wrong while dancing the summer of […]

Angel Care: Empowering Individuals with Quality Home Care Services

Angel Care is a renowned home care agency based in the vibrant city of New York. With a mission to provide compassionate and comprehensive care in the comfort of one’s home, Angel Care has become a trusted name in the industry. Their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families sets them […]

$33 Million CRT Class Action Settlement – No Proof Required

Claim Form Deadline: June 13, 2023 Payout: $10 (min) – 3x Damages (Max) Proof required: No Method of payment:  PayPal / Venmo / Mailed Check What’s the CRT Settlement About? A $33 Million Class Action Lawsuit has been settled regarding Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT’s). “CRTs” are (or used to be) extremely common in households and offices since they were […]