Bandelettes: A fashion statement and an instant ‘chub-rub’ reliever


Every girl loves her skirts, thigh hugging shorts and dresses. But most of the women are troubled by the consistent rubbing of their thigh skin that causes rashes, itching and pain. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the heavy side or you weigh average, chafing thigh skin can be any one’s problem.Thigh chafing can be a grave problem especially on a hot summer day.

You will find a whole array of companies offering you several products ranging from gels, powders, sanitizers, creams, lotions, etc. that claim to treat thigh chafing or as some like to call it ‘chub-rub’. These products are either very messy or can have reactions on some skin types. The new Bandelettes bring forth the time for a change with the new age undergarment to ease your painful,chafed thighs._MG_3674

These Bandelettes are far better than the usual pantyhose, stocking, shape-wear, etc. They not only protect your skin from the rashes and pain that may occur due to constant friction between the thigh skins while walking, running, etc. but they arealso an excellent fashion statement.

They are sexy as hell with their delicate flowery lace fabric. The Bandelettes are smart and sleek as they are 6” wide just like the top of any usual stocking. You can buy them in sexy Red, rich Caramel, subtle Beige, and everlasting Black &white. Own them all to pair them with almost any colour dress and add a touch of comfort and trend to your wardrobe at an affordable price. What would be a beautiful wedding with painful red thighs that spoil the fun? But adding a white Bandelette that is not only sexy but will also give you instant relief from thigh chafing can just make your day even better.

These are available in various sizes and you just need to measure the widest part of your thigh and then buy your size accordingly. The stay up silicone backing makes them anti-slip and almost undetectable. This trendy undergarment fits your thigh snugly and can be worn under almost anything from shorts to dresses or skirts. You can carry them off in the day or at night without worrying about discomfort or slipping.

They are specially designed and crafted to be comfortable in any season whether summer or winter. The delicate lace fabric makes them easy to slip on and provides an easy, non-messy, comfortable and affordable solution to your thigh-chafing problem.With these revolutionary Bandelettes you need not worry about them loosing shape and fit even with extended use.

Now, all your troubles of painful rubbing thighs that are sore and red will be solved with just a click at The range of Bandelettes is still growing with more products to be launched in time to come. Trust this solution and give it a try and see for yourself. Don’t give up your glamorous clothes simply due to chub-rub. We give you an instant solution at a small price for comfort.