Be Smart Enough, Buy Real Traffic

Setting up an online business is one thing. Advertising it is another. In order to make the set business into a real income vehicle, proper advertising is a must. One of the easiest ways to do so would be to buy real traffic.

Buying traffic has become one of the latest trends in the online marketing world. For one, it cuts through all the arduous steps of the search engine optimization process. Another thing, it ensures traffic, of course. No matter how deserted a website seemed to be in the past, once traffic is purchased for it, it will instantly turn to be a highly pumped landing platform. However, proper precaution is a must so you won’t end up losing all your hard earned money. On that note, let us talk about the major points in buying traffic.

Two Types of Traffic Everybody Should Know About
There are two major types of website traffic and that would be real and fake traffic. Real traffic happens when real humans are visiting a website while fake traffic is generated automatically by bots. Therefore, the only way to determine whether a traffic provider is meritorious or not is to see whether the traffic it generates are legit – real, you know, humans – or fake. The question, however, remains: How do you know a provider does real human web traffic?

Read Customer Reviews
According to Mike Shields of the Adweek, fake traffic has been the biggest rip-off in the world. But he does not really blame the providers for this because after all, it’s business they do and the fault always points down to those who are credulous enough to believe false claims given out by these fake traffic providers. The point is, if you do not want to be a part of the whole fiasco, then you need to be more wary and secure every end of the deal by reading customer reviews about a traffic provider. And if you know someone who has experienced buying traffic, that person would make a good candidate for a source of reliable information on buying traffic.

How to Determine Whether it is Real Traffic You Are Getting
What you see in the surface is not always what it really seems. As far as website traffic goes, you can go check the backbone of your site and see the statistics of people going in and going out. By using a reliable statistics software, you can see the validity of the web traffic you are mustering. A good example to that would be the Google Analytics tool. The tool lets you know the validity of the traffic by letting you see if it is something that digs deeper into your landscapes. Basically, only real humans take time in reading the contents of your site and clicking on the different links of it. If the span of the traffic in the site was almost 5 seconds fleeting, then it does not qualify because it is only generated by a bot that rapidly clicks on registered websites.

Statements You Need to Avoid
Sometimes, the signs can be pretty obvious. Sometimes, the things that tell you to do this and that are the ones that you should avoid doing. Basically, they are false claims or at least this is true in most times. No company has the right to claim doubling your revenue if they can’t even provide you with organic traffic reaped from real hard efforts. The record speaks for itself. If most of the customers say that it’s good, then that’s it. The same thing applies to otherwise. Don’t risk spending your money on providers that do not live up to their “Get 100,000 real human traffic and get rich in no time” word.

Organic Traffic
Just to clear things up, organic traffic is synonymous to real human traffic. It’s the same thing you get when you’ve really worked hard for an SEO strategy. No bogus site clicks and no pop-up site bids; just the real thing at work.

Now that you know the darker side of many website traffic providers, you should know how to choose well. If you want to buy real traffic, then please visit