Benefits and Problems of the Rapid Growth in the Import-Export Business

logo3Technology and the Internet have spurned a growth in the import and export business around the world. At one point in time import and exporting of goods was done primarily by large businesses that had the personnel and the money to visit far off countries in search of goods and services to import, usually for a very niche market.

However, with the rapids advances in technology including the Internet the import-export business is no longer the domain of large multi-million dollar corporations. In fact, according to BSL Offshore Containers, now, the majority of import and export businesses are smaller and many deals are made with the importers never setting foot in the exporting country. In fact, in many cases, an individual can see a product they would like to own and order via the Internet from half a world away and have their product delivered right to their door.

The fast growth of import-export around the world has some substantial benefits, but has also creates some very real ethical problems that need to be considered. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and problems.

Benefits of the Growth of the Import-export Business

Perhaps, the one outstanding benefit of the import-export business is the growth of business and employment opportunities in poorer countries and regions. Just a few years ago there were regions of the world, where jobs were scarce and that most people lived in complete poverty surviving simply by sheer will and the products they could make for themselves by hand. As the import-export business grew, the demand for many of these handcrafted items grew as well opening the door of opportunity in some areas, and countries, for the people to produce goods for import to many other parts of the world. This gave people who an opportunity sometimes for the very first time in their lives to make money to send their children to school and to improve their homes and communities.

This allowed some countries or regions to flourish as they had never flourished before. However, it also had a downside that at times is often dark and rather ugly.

Problems of the Growth of the Import-Export Business

The rapid growth in the import-export business in some cases caused an explosion in the demand for certain goods. Many countries have no laws in place regarding working conditions, rate of pay, or even the age of which workers can enter the workforce. This has resulted in what many see as unfair labor practices as people who live in poverty and are in desperate needs of jobs are often forced to work long hours without breaks for very little pay.

However this is beginning to change due to the efforts of countries and individuals who feel that the advances in the import-export business and the world economy means that responsibility must be taken by both the importers and exporters of products to see that workers have decent working conditions and decent pay. Many companies today have chosen to only import goods from countries that offer workers decent pay for their products and provide decent working conditions for those employed in their factories. While this has not entirely solved the problem, it has reduced it and as the import-export business continues to grow there will be more changes to come.