@BernardBentley Villa #RUN Campaign (Interview)

Creative Director of LoveLifeSwagger, Bernard Bentley, was recently featured in the Villa (National Lifestyle Fashion Retailer) #RUN Campaign. The #RUN Campaign from Villa establishes a connection between the aspirations of the customer and “tastemakers” in the stores market. These individuals are those who are currently aspiring to #RUN their craft, dream-chasers, and achievers. They exhibit characteristics of leadership, creativity, individualism, and passion! Bernard has been featured in this campaign as someone that is making a mark in the streetwear/apparel industry in the Midwest. Bernard, founded LoveLifeSwagger in Feb. 2009 as a lifestyle brand. Starting their revolutionary journey of being a household name in the ready to wear sector, specifically in Streetwear, their original products were just t-shirts. Since then, they have expanded their product selection with a core target market of males and females between the ages 13 to 26. LoveLifeSwagger has found its way in several retail stores throughout the Midwest, one of their biggest accounts being Double Up in Birmingham, MI.


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