Best Organic Coffee


Ateaz is a purveyor of the finest Artisan teas, and coffees in North America. Our company philosophy is to nurture the planet and our bodies by providing the best tasting, certified organic products. Our teas and herbal blends consist of the highest quality leaves and ingredients, when consumed your palette is awakened and rejuvenated. The world’s most superior teas constitute a small portion of the yearly worldwide tea production. We have based our tea selection on the overall appearance of the leaf, aroma, liquor and color. Ateaz provides its tea connoisseurs with pure, organic, loose leaf premium teas from tea-producing countries that have made the greatest contributions to the science of tea horticulture and manufacture: China, India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. The facilities in these regions create the most exquisite teas imaginable.


Our “coffee cuppers” are passionate about there coffee expertise. From our Tanzanian Peaberry light roast to our Hunduran Marcala medium roast. Our Organic blends are balanced so that the coffee possesses similar components and maintains our distinctive signature personality. Ateaz’s Organic Artisan Coffees offer exquisite luxurious qualities of aroma, flavor and aesthetic achievement. “No beans about it”, at Ateaz we understand the art of coffee and continuously strive to provide you with the best cup of coffee.