BEST Organic Muslin Swaddling Blankets

Gentle Whispers, Calming Seas Organic Swaddling Blankets (2-pack) From Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo – Made with Luxuriously Soft Organic Muslin Cloth that Emulates the Womb – Breathable in the Summer & Warming in the Winter. Great Shower Gift!

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Emulates The Warmth, Comfort, and Support of the Womb: 

Question: If you could continue to provide the comfort of your womb to your newborn after birth for less than the cost of going out for lunch, would you think twice about it? ​

The purposeful design, organic material, and breathability make our Organic Swaddling Blankets feel as close to the womb as possible, reducing stress and overwhelm of your baby. Now you can feel peacefully at ease knowing your baby is wrapped in a familiar comfort.

Not Just For Swaddling – Extremely Versatile With 5+ Uses: 

Our Organic Swaddling Blanket is the most versatile blanket available on Amazon with over five fantastic uses. In addition to a swaddling blanket, it can quickly transform into a changing mat, function as a burp cloth, cover you when you’re nursing, shade your sleeping baby in a car seat, provide a clean surface for your baby to lay upon, as well as many more creative uses! Our Organic Muslin Blankets are gender neutral with rich vibrant colors and adorably cute designs!

The Advantage of Organic Muslin Cloth: 

Swaddling is extremely beneficial to your newborn as the sensation of wrapping your baby in a cocoon of soft, warm fabric emulates the feeling and comfort of the womb. When Organic Muslin cloth is used, your newborn is enveloped with the most soothing, relaxing, and luxuriously smooth fabric possible to provide comfort, breathability, and to help eliminate the startling reflex common in newborn babies.

Protected by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee: 

Try the mommy approved Gentle Whispers, Calming Seas Organic Swaddling Blankets from Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo and if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide a replacement or full refund. 100% Guaranteed.