Blue Carpet, the Only Cash-Out Social Network App Launched


Blue Carpet is the only social network app that pays you real cash for sharing your ideas.

We all have passions, careers, and thoughts that seem ordinary to us, but can provide extraordinary insight to others. On the Blue Carpet, not only do we want to hear your unique experience, we want you to be rewarded for sharing it.

Blue Carpet connects everyday experts to everyday questions. Get rewarded by sharing your life experience. Whether you’re a single mom with advice for new mothers, an executive chef providing tips for home cooks, or a world traveler with local-minded insight, Blue Carpet is a commonplace for ordinary people to ask questions and learn from each other’s stories.

How exactly does Blue Carpet work?

JOIN THE COMMUNITY: We’re ordinary people, with extraordinary life experience. Walk the Blue Carpet to take part in discussions that you’re passionate about.

SHARE YOUR STORY: Write stories about your life experiences to give others a fresh perspective.

ASK & ANSWER QUESTIONS: Every user can ask and answer general, public questions or private, paid questions based on your expertise.

GET REWARDED: Turn your savvy into real cash, one answer at a time.

BUILD A FOLLOWING: Follow the users who have the experience you’re looking for, and build a following of your own.

Download Blue Carpet and join for FREE, now. We want questions to be answered by real, passionate people with real life stories.

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