Brain tumors and your cell phone. Is there a connection? Click and read the research.

Long-term Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumor Risk

Research has found that long-term use of cell phones are linked to brain tumors.  Most health-conscious cell phone users are looking for a solution to minimize this health risk.  Many health minded consumers looking to avoid brain tumors look for solutions. Is there one?   

 Mobile phones use a pulsed microwave signal. This signal breaks down the blood barrier in the body allowing toxins in the blood stream to enter into the brain. There is more risk when the cell phone is held next to the body. The results could be brain tumors.  And nobody wants a brain tumor. So what is the solution? 

There is hope!  

 We did find one supplier that has provides an effective solution for cell phone radiation transmitted into the body of the consumer. Cruz Phone cases ( has designed a high quality phone case with a high grade radiation shielding material on the front of the phone case.  Cruz cases advertise blocking 99% of the signals directed to the brain.  

Our test results did not measure exact percentages, but the radiation meter did not show any radiation signal using the Cruz phone case.  We were pleasantly happy with the results.  And the design does not affect the signals coming out of the back of the phone to the cell towers.  There was no noticeable difference in calls or downloading files when using your cell phone with a Cruz case. And it is an attractive phone case as well.

Other cases like Pong Cases, ( place shielding on the back of the phone. This had no impact on protecting cell phone users from the radiation coming out of the front of the phone. Even worst, the radiation exposure can increase with the Pong design. This is because the radio signals directed out of the back of the phone are now reflected to the front of the phone and into the body of the user. 

While the industry seeks a solution to this problem, we ask “let the buyer beware” when looking for solutions to protect themselves from cell phone radiation. Don’t wait for the government or the cell phone industry to immediately provide solutions. The cell phone industry is a huge revenue giant. So we advice, do your research and keep your phone aware from  your body as much as possible. 

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Mike MaCluskie