Brandon Brice New York Success Guide: How to Make it in New York

 Brandon Brice

Brandon Brice New York Success Guide: How to Make it in New York

Brandon Brice has experienced tremendous success in the media industry as a political commentator and public figure, with a number of accomplishments spanning across multiple industries. 

Because of Brandon’s success, he’s trusted as an expert within education, politics and the media. 

Brice was born on Detroit’s West Side, and when he grew up, decided to pursue a bachelor in business administration at Howard University. 

He served as a business analyst for World Wrestling Entertainment and was later elected to serve as Director of Education and African American Affairs for Governor Chris J. Christie. 

In today’s News New York interview, we ask Brice about how to become successful in New York for people just starting out in the media industry – or for experts who simply want to become known across multiple industries. 

Here is Brandon Brice’s success guide: 

1. Be prepared and ready at all times. 

It’s important to be ready for anything that may come your way. The more prepared you are and the more systems you build to help you, the better you’ll do in your life and your career. 

2. Honesty and integrity is important. Always stay true to your word. 

Your reputation is important and people will remember you as a good person if you show honesty and integrity. 

3. Sharpen your skills and read voraciously. 

Always stay on top of your industry and consume new information. It will give you an edge over the competition and you’ll bever regret improving your skills. 

4. Invest in your network and they will invest back into you. 

You may question investing into your network because time is valuable – but if you invest in the right people, they’ll always invest back into you. Be generous with your time, but be deliberate with it. 

5. Failure doesn’t mean that you failed – it means you’ve learned something. 

You need to go through failures to become successful. Don’t let them get you down, because failure is your first attempt at learning something new. 

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