Can’t Afford Obamacare? There is a great alternative out there.


Regarding Obamacare did you know:

1. You can apply for an exemption by going to If your health insurance was cancelled, if it is a hardship to your budget, or if it is just too expensive for you, you may qualify for an exemption.
2. Some individuals will have to pay some or all of their subsidies back.
3. The enrollment period is closed for all health insurance unless you have a qualifying event.
4. The average cost for Obamacare is $283 per month.

Now for the alternative, AmeriPlan

1. For $49.95 a month you and your entire household can be covered.
2. We are not insurance so we take all pre-existing conditions, have no age limitations, no paperwork, no deductibles, no waiting periods and Instant savings.
3. Includes Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Discounts.
4. They have a great Hospital Advocacy program that saves members an average of 80% off their hospital bills.
5. Last year with over 2 million members they had only 37 complaints!

Go to to find out more.