FitVine Wine, BioHacked California Wine

Wine for the active lifestyle #activelifestyle #biohackedwine #fitnesswine #healthywine #wineforathletes #wineforactivelifestyle #lowcalwine #lowsugarwine #glutenfree #glutenfreewine

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From Fresh Pasta to Fresh Deals and Everything in Between

In the heart of Lynbrook lies Valencia Ravioli ( a restaurant, a deli, and an old fashioned Italian salumeria all in one. This is a magical place where you can get fresh pasta and mozzarella cheese made daily, ready-to-eat antipasti with traditional meats, sausages, and cheeses, and is home to …

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Hawaii Cupcake Factory to Open in NYC

Not Just Another Cupcake Store…A Dining Experience Hawaii Cupcake Factory is far from ‘just another cupcake store’….It is a Dining Experience for everyone of all ages. Our concept, Hawaii Cupcake Factory, is to incorporate the number one and fastest growing segment in the baking business “cupcakes” with a latin/american fusion …

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Photos, Video: Inside Tokyo’s Insane Robot Restaurant

hotographer Sachyn Mital recently returned from a visit to Tokyo, where he had the good fortune to spend an hour inside an utterly surreal “Robot Restaurant.” Here’s what he witnessed: Tokyo has far more crazy cafes, bars and entertainment than just maid cafés. One of the most recent developments is …

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Soda, candy out under USDA’s proposed school snack rules

By Elise Viebeck – 02/01/13 01:45 PM ET The Obama administration proposed regulations Friday that would prohibit U.S. schools from selling unhealthy snacks. The 160-page regulation from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) would enact nutrition standards for “competitive” foods not included in the official school meal. In practice, the proposed …

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Chemicals banned in Europe still make their way into US foods

Published: 23 January, 2013, 23:33 Reuters / Mike Blake Have you ever tasted a soft drink so good you thought it should be illegal? In some parts of the world, ingredients used in beverages available across the United States are outlawed — but not because they’re dangerously delicious. Drinks including …

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