Betty Lyons: A poisonous piece of church doctrine

Pope Francis, as the first pontiff from the so-called New World, appears to be attempting to come to grips with the sins that his own church visited upon indigenous peoples across the Americas in the five centuries since Europeans first sailed across the Atlantic on an unholy mission of economic …

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More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

Undercover work, inherently invasive and sometimes dangerous, was once largely the domain of the F.B.I. and a few other law enforcement agencies at the federal level. But outside public view, changes in policies and tactics over the last decade have resulted in undercover teams run by agencies in virtually every …

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Portal Toilets a High Priority from the Incident Command Center Mass Casualty Sandy Hook Shooting site.

Sandy Hook Justice Puzzle Ten simple questions ever changing that MUST require an answer. Find the New Questions Updated Feb 22, 2014 Please stay focused on the first ten questions then we go to the next ten questions and then we go to the videos and police reports.

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