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New Christian Book Is Creating a Buzz in Religious Circles

A new book entitled From Head To Heart is in the works that promises to help Christians to truly believe that they are experiencing God’s love as opposed to merely being aware of this truth as a concept. Ten years ago, the author, Shawn Pertree, embarked upon a journey of faith that changed his life. […]

The Blitz Diaries: You’ve Never Seen a Graphic Novel like this Before!

English photographer Adam Barr has come up with a graphic novel like no other; instead of mere drawings, it features photos of characters in full costume acting out each sequence. The photos have effectively been transformed into comic book sketches. Barr has managed to negotiate the use of numerous different dramatic backdrops, including an aircraft […]

Provide your children with a fun, educational toy that promotes early learning!

Health professionals and scientists have proven time and again that early learning is imperative for maximizing the growth and development of our children. That means exposing them to toys, games and activities that challenge their creativity and promote early brain development. Health professionals and scientists have proven time and again that early learning is imperative […]

CRM Makes Shipping Simple – USPS integration with SuiteCRM 

Introduction The world is moving with high speed in terms of businesses, for growth and prosperity every business required their products and packages to be sent more quickly to target destination. Gone are the days when consumer could wait long to receive their products and orders. Today’s companies are being reliable on courier service providers […]

FyNSiS –SuiteCRM Partner increasing revenue & client satisfaction through SuiteCRM by CRM Integration with Live Chat Helper 

In the recent survey of online American consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat transactions. We don’t have to be marketing expert to understand the crucial role of customer service quality. As we are aware customers are the ones who spread the word about our […]

Ripple Effect Artists The Adding Machine

A play that combines realism, expressionism, and absurdism all to ask the questions “What is the value of the human worker?” “What does it take to leave one’s comfort zone?” “Are some humans marked as slaves?” Ripple Effect Artists Inc. chooses partnering Social Rights Organizations for each production for which to raise funds.

BEST Resume Trick? Every Office Needs A Notary Public…Doesn’t Yours?

Turbo-Boost any resume fast by getting a NY Notary license. No special education required. Just do it to become a more valued employee anywhere! See how easy it is today.