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TubToday Unveils a Revolution in Luxury Bathing with Ella Walk-In Tubs in Chicago

Chicago, IL – TubToday, a reputable Chicago-area dealer and installer, is set to redefine the bathing landscape with the introduction of Ella Walk-In Tubs. These innovative self-cleaning tubs offer Chicagoans a unique blend of easy maintenance, unwavering reliability, and immaculate cleanliness, all under one luxurious umbrella. Transform Your Cleaning Routine with Effortless Maintenance With TubToday’s […]

Bill Gates Invests Big in So-Called ‘Clean’ Air Conditioning Startup

Blue Frontier claims that their new AC technology could reduce energy consumption by 90%. ByKevin Hurler The path to creative climate solutions is paved with the skeletons of a million startups, but Blue Frontier wants to be different. Blue Frontier is chasing the dream of cleaner air conditioning systems with its use of a concentrated […]

Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge unite to release LGBTQ anthem for World AIDS Day!

”Soldiers Of Love” is an electro-dance celebration of pride and solidarity! ”The only thing worth fighting for is love; we are soldiers of love”, says the chorus… Van Hechter is known for his direct punch lines… This time he had a little help from equally blunt disco brother, -Stonewall Inn resident DJ and activist Chauncey […]

Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge take on NYC nightlife with their charting duet ”The Delight”!

Ultra-slick pop dandy Van Hechter and gritty NYC activist DJ join forces to ravish NYC’s nightlife with their charting neo-disco hit ”The Delight”- a perfect post-pandemic ode to life and all it’s pleasures! Be sure to catch their live performances and various appearances across town! Most noteworthy dates and venues: Aug 31st- The Q NYC/Sept […]