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TikTok Reviews The Mr. Cool DIY Mini-Split & Shares If It’s Really Worth The Price

MRCOOL/YouTube BY RON BAKER When HVAC pro @diy.hvac.guy posted a video showing his newly installed DIY mini-split heat pump, TikTok was impressed with the results. However, the real revelations came over on his YouTube channel, where he detailed the installation of the 18,000 BTU MrCool heat pump. In the most thorough installation walkthrough we remember seeing, @diy.hvac.guy showed […]

Henry Gavilanez: How Hyperlocal Strategy is Reinventing Online Marketing 

Henry Gavilanez is an event marketing specialist who shares timely marketing tactics online about how to launch successful events.  Over the years, Gavilanez has focused on major corporate events and mixers for large enterprises. That, after all, is where the dollars are. Connecting affluent people with industry knowledge and making deals happen is typically the […]

TubToday Unveils a Revolution in Luxury Bathing with Ella Walk-In Tubs in Chicago

Chicago, IL – TubToday, a reputable Chicago-area dealer and installer, is set to redefine the bathing landscape with the introduction of Ella Walk-In Tubs. These innovative self-cleaning tubs offer Chicagoans a unique blend of easy maintenance, unwavering reliability, and immaculate cleanliness, all under one luxurious umbrella. Transform Your Cleaning Routine with Effortless Maintenance With TubToday’s […]

Bill Gates Invests Big in So-Called ‘Clean’ Air Conditioning Startup

Blue Frontier claims that their new AC technology could reduce energy consumption by 90%. ByKevin Hurler The path to creative climate solutions is paved with the skeletons of a million startups, but Blue Frontier wants to be different. Blue Frontier is chasing the dream of cleaner air conditioning systems with its use of a concentrated […]

Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge unite to release LGBTQ anthem for World AIDS Day!

”Soldiers Of Love” is an electro-dance celebration of pride and solidarity! ”The only thing worth fighting for is love; we are soldiers of love”, says the chorus… Van Hechter is known for his direct punch lines… This time he had a little help from equally blunt disco brother, -Stonewall Inn resident DJ and activist Chauncey […]

Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge take on NYC nightlife with their charting duet ”The Delight”!

Ultra-slick pop dandy Van Hechter and gritty NYC activist DJ join forces to ravish NYC’s nightlife with their charting neo-disco hit ”The Delight”- a perfect post-pandemic ode to life and all it’s pleasures! Be sure to catch their live performances and various appearances across town! Most noteworthy dates and venues: Aug 31st- The Q NYC/Sept […]