Cheryl Long set to release a timeless masterpiece

The art of fictional writing in modern times has gone beyond fairytales and folklore and has steadily developed into a delicate process of educating readers while exposing them to certain aspects of life they otherwise might not have known. Although there isn’t a limit to what fictional stories can contain, it is not out of place to see a fictional story with strong relations to a true life event.

Stepping into the scene with her debut book, Cheryl T Long produces a masterpiece of facts and realism. Although a fiction, her book paints a vivid picture of what a lot of young girls are subjected to in different parts of the world. Growing up in societies that provide little or no support, these girls are forced to survive in any way they can.

‘As The Flowers Bloom’ is a captivating fictional story about a young lady who grows up in an environment of abuse and neglect, yet has a dream to become a famous dancer. Running away from home in search of greener pastures, Cherish would soon discover that the streets are even rougher than she thought. After so many wrong turns and disappointments, she finally gets much-needed help and pursues her career.

Nevertheless, she would soon find out that her experiences while growing up would shape a lot of decisions she would make in the future. Not recognizing the amount of hold an abusive past would have on her, she innocently pursues her ambitions in ways she knows how to. In the course of this, she gets roped into certain detrimental relationships. One of which was falling for a man who was helping her pursue her career but who also became abusive along the way.

Having experienced such lifestyle a lot in her younger days, Cherish has to make a choice to either bear and endure abuse from the man she loves, or step out and find a way to rise above these demons that keep haunting her.

The writer’s expertise is shown in the way she carves out different details and scenarios as relating to human experiences with style, engulfing the reader in a world of raw truths and situations. From the first page to the last, her writing style and story continuity is sure to keep you glued till you get to the end.

With some other books in the pipeline, Cheryl shows us what to expect from her stable in the not-so-distant future. “I love to write and share my stories with all I come in contact with” were the words of an excited Cheryl.

As the Flowers Bloom now available in E-book and Print on Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble


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