Chester County Family Court, a call for an investigation?

Marnie Hall 02/12/13
Type in a key word Google search for “chester county family court corruption” and the top two search results pertain to Rich Lombardi, Master for family court here in Chester County. A blog called Chester County Rants has a 2009 story post on Lombardi that is still getting comments that include some scathing words for the Master, his colleagues and the court. The comments, many posted anonymously, conclude Chester County families have been displeased with Lombardi’s performance as a Master in Chester County Family Court. Some comments conclude Lombardi is in the habit of delaying some cases to favor his attorney friends and build up their billable hours. Other commenters take issue with Lombardi’s appointment of child custody evaluators alleging Lombardi is guaranteeing regular paychecks for a few select psychologists, namely Bruce Mapes and Randy Hess.

Chester County Family Court, a call for an investigation?

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