Crypto in Crowdfunding World


Crowncrowd is the world’s first equity crowdfunding site with equity backed crypto-currency.

TWO words have made the leap from the technology world to become part of the common cultural lexicon in 2014: Kickstarter and Bitcoin. Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to back projects in return for rewards, has hosted 150,000 prospective products—43% of which have been funded. And even the most technophobic grandparent, including a 64-year-old California resident named Satoshi Nakamoto, now knows of bitcoin, a crypto-currency, even if they cannot explain how it works.

So it is only apt that somebody should try to combine the two concepts. This is the goal of Crowncrowd, a new crowdfunding platform that also uses the technology that underlies Bitcoin. Based in Belize, the startup was founded by Bill Thomson, a venture investor and entrepreneur. It wants to be a better way to change the financial world.

October 2014,, an online trading platform, was created by Cheswood Capital which is under one of the largest asset management firms -Sageview’s. It officially declared in New Delhi, India’ Capital that it launched and enter into Asia-Pacific market. Bill Thomson, senior management team, some internationally renowned directors in Venture Capital Company and many social media representatives are invited to attend launch meeting.

Bill Thomson announced that Crown Crowd that is a crowd funding online platform and Crown Crowd Coin which were created by cooperation of Cheswood Capital and other well-known venture capital companies including Granite Global Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Doll Capital Management, 3i Group, Walden International, Goldman Sachs and Red Point Ventures. Crown Crowd involves areas including Privately Offered Funds, equity investments and financing, crowd funds, equity crowd funding, commercial banking, real estate, High technologies, special funds, corporate debt management and etc. Chestwood Capital has over 58,600 users, including International financial institutions, banks, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, companies and other institutions and small investors worldwide. Until June 2014, all investors provided nearly $1.8 billion through network and a total of 2160 crowd funding projects have been supported and obtained adequate funds. Success rate is 42.82%. In 2015, company will make Crown Crowd global online platform with all our efforts. Funds raised will support High-tech field, pharmaceutical field and education field related mid-size and small-size enterprises. In the next 20 years, we plan to more and more top 500 enterprises.

According to Cheswood Capital’s CEO, Bill Thomson, Crowncrowd Coin was introduced as Crowdfunding Coin backed by firm and Crowncrowd Coin, as a decentralized currency that can be freely exchanged in a peer-to-peer fashion or between consumers and merchants, is disconnected from the undulations of traditional banking system and safe from the ramifications of changing interest rates and inflation. The transactions happen virtually instantaneously, and also verified by the peer-to-peer network of Crowncrowd Coin users. The more positive confirmations you receive from the network, the more likely the transaction is valid and final. We believe that it is the most secure Crypto currency. In June 2015, the company will connect to some world’s top virtual currency trading platforms.

Crowncrowd coins, like bitcoins, are tradable, and can become more valuable. If a project is particularly popular, early backers can sell their stake to a third party who is willing to buy in at a higher valuation. This addresses one key criticism of Kickstarter: projects which go on to become huge successes often short-change their early supporters. When Oculus VR, the makers of the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, was sold to Facebook for $2 billion in March 2014, some of the 9,500 backers grumbled that they received no share of Oculus’ buyout cash. Crowncrowd will give its users a share in projects and thus allows returns to be spread among the crowd.

The purpose of why the company decided to enter into Asia-Pacific market is that the growth of economy in Asia-Pacific market increases fast and sustainable, and economy of United States and Europe are suffering. Especially after China entered into WTO and market-oriented degree deepened, priority in our investment of company is to expand capital investment in China.

Bill Thomson said that the well-known enterprises who invested in Crown Crowd have been around Europe and North America. With their cooperation and participation, Crown Crowd maximizes long-term profits and market shares. We will achieve development goals as soon as we could in order to create maximal interests for shareholders and investors!

Global crowd funding platform has raised 2.8 billion funds in 2012. In 2013, the global crowd funding platform was increased to 1500, with total $ 60 billion funds pledged. Until 2014, the successfully supported projects have exceeded 1 million, and all funds raised have exceeded $ 130 billion. In the next 10 years, the global crowd funding platform will raise $ 500 billion funds.

Certainly we believed that Crowncrowd will become a leader in crowdfunding industry and an innovator in today’s global financial market.