Cutting Edge Anti-Aging Products by Boardroom Organics llc


Miami, Sept 16, 2014 (Global News Wire) – In the Spotlight

BoardRoom Organics LLC. is a technology-based manufacturer which produces a number of unique cutting-edge Anti-Aging solution to business clients, fellow cross-fitters and to professional athletes.

They are one of the fastest growing in the field of manufacturing and use of all-natural, NON GMO, smart products.

We utilize proprietary manufacturing processes to create all-natural products. The highest quality products that our family can be proud of using. We make sure to use the highest bio-available ingredients. We do not use products that are known irritants and just overall bad for our families and your loved ones.

It is not just our products and processes that make us an emerging leader in this field. The most important success factor is our people; Together, we are passionate and focused on making the highest quality anti-aging and nutritional supplements more affordable and available to you.

BoardRoom Organics’ Tony Petkovich announced Tuesday that Brandi Dalton has been appointed to the Marketing and PR team.

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Brandi Dalton

Director of Marketing/PR