David Klingenfuss on the Importance of Taking Pride in Your Work

David Klingenfuss is an electrical contractor with over 30 years of experience serving customers in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. He is the owner of an electrical contracting company, a one-stop shop, where he provides a bespoke customer experience to people in need of electrical services.

But it’s about much more than providing spectacular service, says Klingenfuss.

It’s about taking pride in your work, and you need to keep making improvements along the way to stay competitive and ensure your customers have an unparalleled experience. It’s about more than just getting their work done. It’s about going above and beyond to ensure they are always in the loop and satisfied with the entire project and experience.

“You need to take pride in your work, and you need to be proud of doing a good job,” says Klingenfuss.

“Success to me is when I do a good job.”

“I take time to prepare my tooling and everything else to ensure I can serve my customers to the best of my ability. You need to always put your customers first even if it’s not always an easy thing to do, because they are the reason you are still in business.”

Klingenfuss has seen great times in business, and he has also seen difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic cut his business by 50 percent in June, but he prevailed and was able to drum up new work by reaching out to his loyal customers. He cut back on spending for a while, and before he knew it, work returned back to normal.

Klingenfuss says he was able to weather the storm partially because of his excellent customer service skills and commitment to doing great work. Moreso, it’s the pride that he takes in his work that allows him to do such a great job. When you are proud of what you do, it reflects in your work ethic and in the quality of your work.

We asked Klingenfuss about moments in his career he was most proud of, and he shared the following with us:

Wiring a House

“My first big accomplishment was when I wired a house from top to bottom,” says Klingenfuss.

“Prior to that, I only did service jobs like fixing lights that didn’t work or circuit breakers that needed to be replaced. I also did a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels.”

Klingenfuss says the first home he worked on was 3500 square feet and had 200 amp service recessed lights.

He was willing to meet the challenge and deliver superior quality work because he was excited by the prospect of tackling a new project.

Biotech Lab Project

Another one of Klingenfuss’ accomplishments was working in a biotechnology lab, which came with new specifications and challenges.

“I had to go through great measures to ensure everything was sanitary.”

He recalls having to use HEPA vac filters so he didn’t make any dust while he was drilling.

“Everything was big scale, high-voltage and I got to enjoy working with several interior decorators. I learned a lot and got into custom design lighting and dimming systems.”

Future Endeavours

Klingenfuss is most proud of his ability to keep learning and improving while he grows his business. He also takes pride in finding new and inventive ways to delight his customers.

While he continues to learn after 30 plus years of experience, he also enjoys teaching people about electrical contracting and business best practices.

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