Want to know how to recognize a depression? Learn what common symptoms are obvious signals of this illness.

1. Absence of interest

According to top neurologists, lack of interest in regular activities is the first signal of depression. If you experience an absence of interest or feel indifferent towards things you used to enjoy, then you should start worrying and take measures!

2. Sleeping disorder

Sleeping disorder is one of the most common symptoms of depression. If you spend more time dreaming in bed than you should – it’s disorder. If you experience sleep debt and have tumultuous dream – it’s disorder. If pills don’t help to solve the problem – it’s disorder as well.

3. Changes in dietary habits

Top neurologists also number changes in dietary habits among the symptoms of depression. Some people try to fight their depression with the help of food and start eating excessively much. Others tend to have a loss of appetite and have poor nourishment. You should raise depression alert in both cases!

4. You feel tired all the time

Feeling of fatigue is another factor you should immediately take into account. It’s usually characterized by low energy, lack of interest and motivation to perform regular activities. If you feel tired even after a considerable amount of sleep and proper nutrition, you shouldn’t ignore these facts and start acting.

5. Suicidal thoughts

Thoughts about suicide are the most dangerous symptom because these thoughts can grow into actions. Love of life, partners, parents, and pets should be stronger than any problems, challenges, and difficulties. If you’re ready to leave everything and everyone you love, you should immediately ask for help!

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