Do you actually know what is in that little magic potion called lubricant?


Our body’s largest organ is the skin, so what we put on it is just as important as what we eat. Women that are dedicated to eating clean and buying organic food and products, somehow turn a blind eye to their most sensitive tissue, and grab any personal lubricant.

Next time you get a chance, look at all of the ingredients, and now let me introduce you to a product and company that stands out. SYLK USA. This is an all-natural moisturizing lubricant that mimicks the same pH as the female body. The product has been selling in New Zealand for over 30 years. SYLK is water-based and made up of 8 happy ingredients. The key ingredient that makes it so special is the New Zealand kiwifruit extract from the vine gum.

Besides being an amazing product, the company is giving back ten cents per tube purchased to cancer research. As if that was not enough, they are giving away $1000 to one lucky winner in their sweepstakes and $500 to the person that referred the random winner. No purchase is necessary, and you can head to to register (only name and e-mail is required) or make a purchase and you’re automatically entered to win.