Don’t Have Your Own Space to Garden? Check Out YardYum

YardYum is an online platform that lets people rent garden plots from local homeowners, community gardens, farms, schools, businesses and even churches.

The concept of community gardening is not new, but has been becoming a lot more popular recently. Basically, a group of people work together to garden a communal area of land, using either individual or shared plots. These gardens produce organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs and also help make the urban areas greener and more livable.

One of the biggest issues with community gardens is lack of space. For example, in Seattle, Washington, there’s over 40 different community gardens but many have multi-year wait lists. The supply simply can’t keep up with the demand.

YardYum solves this problem by allowing regular property owners to rent out their spare yard space to the community of urban gardeners, and to generate passive income while doing so. But not only that, the owners and gardeners can also agree to a deal that involves the exchange of freshly grown produce, rather than money.

It’s been called the “Airbnb of gardening” and people are signing up from cities all around the world. If you want to garden but don’t have your own space, or you’re a landowner with some spare space, check out YardYum!