Easyworkmlm co-founders Rob Mann and Randy Howard’s personal story towards network marketing providence.


For over a decade our lives consisted of working for large companies who didn’t care about our efforts, values, and principles. Sound familiar? Our core values never conformed to their bigger plans. In the latter years it became more apparent that our creative talents were becoming less acknowledged. Like most people in this difficult economy, we were expected to do more work in less time for the same pay. The pressures each day became too physically and emotionally exhausting over time.

Eventually Corporate America’s paychecks, that once held us hostage with job security, lost their stranglehold. We became fed up! Face it, life is too precious and short to be under appreciated. Wouldn’t you agree? It didn’t make sense to work any longer for a bunch of corporate stuck ups, busting our rear ends making them rich. Forget it! We needed an out, fast! It was time to take action.

That’s when our tipping point occurred. Clarity final had sunk in. There were not enough positive situations holding us to our jobs, so we quit.

We needed a fresh start. Corporate America was in our rear view mirror. We believed financial providence was right around the next corner. Harsh reality, it wasn’t. Our quest for greener pastures led us to one frustrating online business opportunity after another. Why? They were completely misleading. They had no problem selling you on the vision of a better life. You all have seen it. You know, the guy on the video flaunting all his toys and homes wanting you to sign up in his crap offer to peddle his junk. We weren’t so naive. Most of the online garbage business opportunities fail to explain the requirements to:

1.) Cold call a bunch of strangers. (Do you really want to do this?)
2.) Attend a lot of meetings. (Do you want to be forced to buy over and over again?)
3.) Pressure all your friends and family to buy some product or service they really do not want or need. (Do you want to offend or be rejected by the one’s you love?)

After filtering through the all the junk we decided to give people the real 411 on how things work and through inspiration we created easyworkmlm.com. Easyworkmlm.com was designed in bringing you a fresh mindset towards personal empowerment and business resources in the MLM or multi-level marketing industry. Our mission is to create a culture where like-minded people can inspire and be inspired by having a one stop web based hub to learn concepts, grow through emersion, and share wisdom. We are motivated to drive easyworkmlm.com full throttle in the HOV prosperity lane of helping others, while the majority of apocryphal claiming resource sites continue to be stuck in traffic of self-propaganda. Easyworkmlm.com is about thinking independently while working together collectively for sake of the whole. You have your car… and your engine… let this site be your fuel.

Sincerely, Rob & Randy Easyworkmlm.com