A fashion label that celebrates worldly heritage is rare to come by, but International label Mary Laurent now offers shoes and handbags to fashionistas worldwide which aim to induce appreciation for one’s and other’s cultures. By focusing on keeping traditional and cultural patterns, Mary Laurent establishes a multinational “Cloth Culture” that honour times past.

548959_348036551914498_851086264_nSince the brands inception, Ayo Mary Laurent has expanded in its reach and is now available in various stockists in acclaimed stylish high streets, which has surely upped their awareness of what the local market loves whilst also introducing grass roots cultural styles from around the globe.  Abolishing the need for a cliché brand signature, the designs encompass elements of the long-established from a myriad of countries, to bring its customers pieces that transcend time and garner respect to the wearer.

The handbags and shoes which are the foundation of the brand are inspired by the earthiness of The Stone Age, keeping the craft of weaving alive whilst adding vividness to their customers’ wardrobes with the range of colours available.

To cater to the style conscious male, the menswear range is a sartorial ode to the fashionable gentleman. Genuine leather is the fabric of choice for the men’s collection, complementing the leather range within their womenswear.

The underwear line is set for release in July 2015, signalling the brand’s directional expansion and wanting to appeal to a market that spans across all ages and genders.

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