‘Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman’ Debuts Online


Erotic novel focuses on dilemma of older woman’s continued sexual exploits

Milwaukee, Wis. (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Author Virginia Hoefler has released a groundbreaking new book sharing the experiences of a single woman over 50 seeking companionship, yet finding it only in younger men.

The book, titled “Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman,” seeks to overcome the social stigma associated with so-called “cougars,” partly by drawing on Hoefler’s own experiences and relationships. The plot follows a woman over 50 who, after divorcing her husband, finds companionship in the younger men who befriend her. It also describes the sexual encounters that follow.

“Women reach a certain age and experience when they know what they want—and know how to enjoy themselves,” said Hoefler. “The problem is that there are not many available men on the market who fit that profile. What’s worse, these women may feel that they are expected to give up their desires because they’re supposed to be ‘too old’ engage in these types of activities. They are left behind because they are expected to have an ‘off’ switch that doesn’t actually exist.”

At 64 years old, Hoefler is a grandmother who has been married and divorced five times, with three of these relationships being with younger men. She currently lives in Milwaukee, Wis., and wrote the book shortly after being laid off from her job and finding herself with excess spare time and no relationship.

“I started expressing myself and my personal experiences through this character. As a woman who isn’t afraid to say what I will and will not put up with, I often get shocked reactions by speaking so frankly,” said Hoefler. “But I’m not alone. The book reflects the rise of the woman who is both sophisticated and outspoken with her preferences. That’s what makes it so unique.”

Although the book’s content is explicit in parts, much of Hoefler’s focus is on the varying types of relationships the protagonist has with the men in her life. In this way, the book explores the dynamics involved in relationships between older women and younger men.

“This book is not about some raunchy, one-night stand encounter with a stranger,” Hoefler said. “The main character develops long-standing friendships with these younger men before entering into any romantic endeavors. These guys aren’t teenagers, either. Older women want someone who is mature and educated, not someone who needs to be taken care of. My past relationships have always been 100 percent monogamous, although monogamy didn’t quite fit into the storyline of this book. Different men fit different needs, and that was more important for the story.”

Promoted as “the new face of mommy porn,” the book has received positive reviews from both male and female readers. Many readers, including Joanne G. and Jenny E., felt liberated from the stress of their current romantic situation.

“I am one of those mature women that has a younger lover but none of our friends or family know anything about us… I’m tired of sneaking around and have almost given in to his proposals that we get married so that we can live together openly. This novel made me think that perhaps it won’t be as big a deal as I have made it out to be.” – Joanne G.

“I am 23 years older than the man I am involved with. We usually sneak around everywhere we go. Now after reading your diary, I see that being with him is the most natural thing to do… So no more sneaking around! We will be living together as he wants to do, but I am not really in a hurry to get married. Thanks for helping me regain my freedom!” – Jenny E.

It is available to people 18 years and older through online purchase. Hoefler hopes to develop a printed version once she finds an adequate publishing partnership, and looks forward to sharing her experiences with more readers across the United States and, eventually, worldwide.

“Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman” is now available for purchase at a $10 discount on Hoefler’s website using promo code PRWeb10 through the end of the month, https://gilfdiary.com/