Funny Video, Summon Steve Jobs

Recently, there is a funny video at YouTube called Summon Steve Jobs get praised by apple fans.
The video is about gathering 5 color IPhone 5C, then Steve Jobs can be summoned. However, the summoned person is another old man also called Steve. He pretended to be Steve Jobs and feel sad for the 5C products are unsalable and released “Steve Jobs Dollar” to promote for 5C products. In the meanwhile, he also show support to 5C youth in China and think Apple itself may think to reduce the price and benefit more new people.


“Steve Jobs Dollar” is very funny. On the dollar, Steve wear Buddhism clothing, there are 3 Chinese characters meaning 10 Dollars, a QR code will guide you to go to a Chinese ISO software which could save you 10 dollars. Obviously this is a marketing event coming from China.


Do Chinese companies have begun to make use of western network resource for marketing? This is a very interesting topic. In allusion to the IPhone unsalable phenomenon, Chinese agents may need some highlights. And for the consumers representing the 5C youth in China asking for reducing the 5C price, this might be a reminder for Apple though won’t come to reality that fast.