Fury And Wrestlers Throw Out Angels


During a Knights of Columbus wrestling event this past December, various superstars were in attendance to show their support for the Superstars of Wrestling promotion ran by owner Rob Fury.
Names such as TNA’s Robbie E, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, Justin Credible and Jay Lethal were in attendance. Although the event could only muster up about 50 people, it was only marred by the incident that took place with the promotion and pro wrestling staple, The Guardian Angels. The Angels, as they are often called are the go-to Safety Patrol unit that has ties to Professional Wrestling. The unit were abruptly thrown out the door and told to leave the show. No reasons were given as to why the Guardian Angels were kicked out of the event.

If you are familiar with the names it’s because this safety patrol team are known to have wrestlers such as Ray Traylor (The Big Boss Man) and Vampiro use them as inspirations for their in ring gimmicks.

The Guardian Angels are known to have a good standing with professional wrestling organizations in the past. They patrol over 140 cities and 14 countries. They are most recently known for their A&E hit TV special back in 2010. They also started a web series “Angels in Action” with over 1.5 million viewers. Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels can be heard on WABC broadcast. Angels in Action is starting a radio show that can be heard throughout NJ, NY and PA.

To learn more about this incident and about The Guardian Angels, visit their website at: