Graduate from UNDERFRUMP

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Dress well from the inside out

underfrump (adjective) [uhn-der-fruhmp] the annoying baggy coming untucked feeling experienced while wearing a common undershirt

Underfrump might be a new term to you, but every guy has had it and ever girl has seen it.  It’s at weddings, at events, Underfrump is probably in your office every single day.  Wherever there are button down shirts, there will be plenty of dudes walking around with the back of their shirts hanging out.

Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it will make you look fat too.  We’ve all heard of the ‘freshman-15’, a bunched-up undershirt will give you the UNDERFRUMP 15!

As we all look for deeper and richer product experiences, you should know there are better options with some of the most basic products.  Those undershirts your mom bought you, from a plastic bag made with cheap boxed or combed cotton, have no business underneath a nice dress shirt.

Undershirts are the layer closest to the skin, and set up everything else from your dress shirt to a suit.  You should select base layers with thoughtfulness.  The 3 aspects for a good undershirt experience are:

  1. Be longer to stay tucked in
  2. Have some stretch to form fit your body
  3. Should be made with a premium material.

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