Guardian Billing Launches with Medical Billing and Consulting

Guardian Billing Launches with Medical Billing and Consulting

Minneapolis, MN – March 16, 2018 – Mindy Flaig, president and CEO of Guardian Billing, announced that the medical billing and consultation firm has officially launched. Medical billing is a highly complex field and one in which Flaig is highly skilled.

 “I’ve decided to start Guardian Billing after 11 years of medical billing experience, EHR software training and insurance guidance,” said Flaig. “I strive to help my customers become a client-focused practice, while providing the essential tools for a smooth and profitable revenue cycle.”

Flaig provides a full range of medical billing and consulting services encompassing long and short-term solutions for clinics, physician and mental health practices. The firm is fully HIPAA-compliant, experienced in ICD-10 coding, cognizant of the upcoming initiatives by HHS and CMS, and in the processes of submitting clean claims.

Clients that require ongoing, long-term billing solutions have access to insurance verification, claims submission, and the appropriate handling of rejections and denials at the medical billing company. She also provides payment postings and invoicing that saves clients time and money, while boosting their bottom line. Short-term billing solutions are available for clients setting up a new practice, have received work denials, and need account clean-ups.

Some physicians prefer to establish their own in-house billing and coding department. Guardian Billing can assist with consultation services, training utilizing SimplePractice, and insurance websites to learn the essentials of creating and submitting clean claims that are paid quickly. Customized services are available to fit the specific needs of each practice.

No medical practice can survive without a medical billing service, whether it’s operated in-house or contracted to a professional medical billing company. Guardian Billing helps clients understand and control their revenue cycle for maximum profitability with solutions that fit their budget. That knowledge enables clients to spend less time on billing and more time focusing on patients.

The launch of Guardian Billing provides clinics, physicians and mental health practices with professional medical billing services that are critical for efficient, profitable and patient-focused practices. The firm works with clients to address long and short-term needs and consultations to help practices perform their own billing.

About Guardian Billing

Guardian Billing was founded by Mindy Flaig, a professional medical billing and coding professional with 11 years of experience. She’s skilled in coding and billing for medical practices, clinical therapy, medication management, in-home and group therapy, nursing homes, ARMHS, and CTSS. She’s experienced in working with commercial insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.

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