Hawaii Cupcake Factory to Open in NYC

Not Just Another Cupcake Store…A Dining Experience

Hawaii Cupcake Factory is far from ‘just another cupcake store’….It is a Dining Experience for everyone of all ages. Our concept, Hawaii Cupcake Factory, is to incorporate the number one and fastest growing segment in the baking business “cupcakes” with a latin/american fusion cuisine.

Now more than ever this restaurant means a lot to her and her family to bring it to life in “Memory of their dream” and a tribute to her brother. The Opening of Hawaii Cupcake Factory is a bitter sweet moment for our family. The sweet part is that this cupcake bakery/restaurant has been the dream of Chef Day for many years with her brother Dale as a partner. It was suppose to be the restaurant owned and operated by her and Dale as the two Head Chefs; but, unfortunately Dale passed away on Good Friday of year 2013 when he was killed by a taxi driver in New York. Although it will be a bitter sweet accomplishment to bring Hawaii Cupcake Factory to fruition, Chef’s heart, soul and entire love is in this restaurant that she will cherish as part of her brother forever. Chef remembers days when Dale and her would be in the kitchen cooking up meals complete with dessert, the laughter of her 4 kids and other family enjoying their food. One of Dale’s meals he prepared was the most delectable chicken fried rice made with fresh vegetables and no soy sauce but very aromatic from jasmine rice. This will be a featured special daily at Hawaii Cupcake Factory for everyone to enjoy.

Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter for new NYC restaurant concept