Henry Gavilanez: How Hyperlocal Strategy is Reinventing Online Marketing 

Henry Gavilanez is an event marketing specialist who shares timely marketing tactics online about how to launch successful events. 

Over the years, Gavilanez has focused on major corporate events and mixers for large enterprises. That, after all, is where the dollars are. Connecting affluent people with industry knowledge and making deals happen is typically the go-to of major event companies. 

After focusing on medicine and dental industry events, Gavilanez decided that there was more to be done, and a knowledge gap on the web that could be serviced as well. That was when he decided to educate audiences about hyperlocal event marketing. 

“You have to think about it from multiple levels,” says Gavilanez. “You can do a huge industry event and target people through ads in various states, and that might be a successful event campaign. The promotion of these events usually follows a strict timeline and requires a specific type of marketing know-how.” 

“On the other hand, you can host small community-level events, and I think this is where the power of connecting people and creating meaningful experiences lies.” 

Henry Gavilanez says hyperlocal marketing strategy differs because it allows you to rank on the web for a specific keyword like “New Jersey”, and in doing so, your longevity and presence on the web becomes more permanent. 

“I can explain that – so many people are creating content about Dentists in the U.S. but only few are creating content about hospital systems in New Jersey specifically, or marketing events in New Jersey,” he continues. 

“If I were to create several videos about marketing in New Jersey and write a few articles, it might rank on the web indefinitely, and I can use that content to link to events in the future as well.”

While this might not be the most effective way for generating huge volume at national events, it certainly gives you command over your local marketplace and allows you to nurture potential  attendees through a marketing funnel to either attend your event or to establish local brand awareness. 

Henry Gavilanez says he finds it imperative to teach smaller businesses about the power of hyperlocal marketing. While everyone knows hyperlocal marketing is imperative to drive local business, many don’t have the skills or know the tactics that will generate the results they need. 

“It’s about so much more than event marketing,” he maintains. “It’s about learning how to harness the potential of content that really resonates with people. It’s then learning how to drive those people to your event or to your storefront or to rally behind your cause.” 

Henry Gavilanez says he’s fascinated with the marketing space, especially the digital marketing space, because it’s fundamentally an industry about people. You need to fully understand people and the demographics you’re hoping to reach, and by doing so, you can guide them to take meaningful actions that further your objectives and meet their needs as well. 

To learn more about nurturing marketing funnels and establishing rapport through hyperlocal content, you can visit the official website of Henry Gavilanez.