Hicham Idelcaid: Health and Healing

Hicham Idelcaid

Hicham Idelcaid is a popular and well-known energy therapist whose healing skills and therapeutic techniques are renowned the world over. But who is Hicham Idelcaid? How did he arrive at this point in his life and spiritual journey? Let’s take a closer look at Hicham Idelcaid’s journey so far.

Earlier Years

Hicham Idelcaid was born in Casablanca, Morocco. And although he traveled all the way to Belgium at the early age of 21 to continue his studies, he never let Casablanca and Morocco leave his heart or his mind. Idelcaid is happily married and has two children, in addition to his successful healing and therapeutic career.

Reiki Training: Discovery of his Skills

It was while he was enrolled in Reiki training courses that Hicham Idelcaid discovered his true healing talent: energy therapy. As Idelcaid later recalled: “I was enrolled in a Reiki training. It was a kind of coincidence. I just wanted to test to treat a colleague arm, after she confirmed that her pains have already gone. I was very choked. When I came back home, I put my hands on my mother’s legs; for years she has been suffering from arthritis pain, and I was surprised when I saw the results.”

Through his unique techniques, Idelcaid is able to organize his energy and use it to provide pain and healing relief to his patients through a special transmission technique using his hands. Although he does not even need to use physical contact for his skills: in a unique Instagram Live test, Idelcaid showed he could even transmit energy remotely without needing to be in the same room or even the same country as a patient.

International Work

Idelcaid’s work is not limited to a clinical practice. He has challenged himself to try different venues for success all over the world. He has worked with international teams and various projects in an attempt to build a successful career and achieve his many goals. As he later recalled, “… Definitely, everyone came from a different country, but we all worked in the same way, with an absolute energy to achieve our goals.” 

Continued Healing and the Future

As Idelcaid’s work in energy therapy continued, he even began helping other people with similar skills develop their techniques in order to improve the lives of others. He operates his healing practice in multiple venues, including in his native Morocco as well as through online social media and more. As of today, Idelcaid the energy healer has treated many different conditions, including: general pain, vertigo, seasonal allergies, migraines, fibromyalgia pain, sciatica, and even stroke systems. Yet he never turns down someone who hopes to benefit from his unique brand of treatment. His love for others, his humbleness, and his genuine desire to help have made him a popular destination for people who hope to see relief without side effects that come with many types of modern medicine. He continues to test out his skills on new conditions, always willing to test out new cases to see what he can do for others.

Hicham Idelcaid 

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