HONOURTEK released a new generation of fresh meat lighting COB LED

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HONOURTEK released a new generation of fresh meat lighting COB LED

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The specific application LED devices brand Honourtek released the latest generation of fresh lighting Delux series cob LED products HRA1930, HRA1940, respectively application to 40W and 50W power level fresh meat lighting.

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Base on Honourtek original Clarity technology LED array Delux HRA1930 and HRA1940 continues to break the barrier of performance. Two products light-emitting surface compared with the prior to the release of a product of 30W, luminous surface of expansion by LES 12mm to Les 19mm, provide more high lumen output, significantly improve the performance of heat radiation and RA a 15 percent increase  in, again refresh record. Bring a better effect to the delicious food, so diners can feel the color and fresh food.


HONOURTEK marketing director Stephen Richardson said: “HONOURTEK in food lighting LED array to maintain the leading position, we have been in improving the performance of the LED and breakthroughs in the gaps in the market, the future will have more food lighting product launch, will help our customers to develop differentiated products, through better LED package technology to provide more value to the lighting and commercial value.


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HONOURTEK HRA1930 and HRA1940 dimensions  compatible with the mainstream market led array size. They can use the existing optics, driving solution . Welcome to contact our sales to obtain relevant product information and samples. Please send mail to sales@honourtek.com